Great ideas are worthless if they don't achieve their goals in the marketplace. At Annodyne, we build and license platforms that transform ideas into actionable marketing efforts — and enable us to move the dial in ways that other agencies simply can't.


Like Annotrak™: our proprietary performance measurement platform that tracks KPIs across any and all digital and traditional media channels. Or DCDS: our cross-platform application that gives your sales force the ability to present interactive content online or offline, via iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device. For Web destinations, we leverage a multitude of CMS suites to ensure flexibility and scalability for each client. And that's only scratching the surface.

  • Annotrak™
  • DCDS
  • ASP.NET Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps and Web (iOS & Android)
  • Custom Apps
  • Social Apps
  • Custom PHP Dev
  • iBrochures
  • iMail™
  • HTML5
  • AJAX
  • jQuery