A brand is not a logo, nor a tagline, nor an aesthetic approach. It's an idea that penetrates the marketplace and lives in people's hearts. When you hear certain names independent of context — e.g., Starbucks, Nike, Apple — they each trigger an automatic response from you. That automatic response is a feeling that extends from an idea; that idea, in short, is your brand.

creating brand identity

When a brand is good, it communicates a clear message about what it stands for and how it's different from its competitors. When a brand is great, it convinces you that your life is better for being aligned with it, and that you'd be significantly worse off without it. At Annodyne, we develop brands that live in people's minds, inspire them, and enable deep connections that result in immediate and ongoing sales. (And, yes, that includes groundbreaking logos, taglines and aesthetic approaches, as well.)

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